Most major manufacturers have at least two different pricing structures for their product line.  While these lines have different names, their respective models have similar body shapes and electronic functions, and are often hundreds if not thousands of dollars apart in price.  The manufactures are able to build similar instruments with vastly different costs by outsourcing the build process to countries with less stringent environmental and labor controls, (I realize that this is a gross understatement in some cases...) and by using lower quality parts in the process.

For some players price is all that matters, and they find themselves forced to struggle with an instrument that doesn’t reflect the quality of their playing.  Others are able to afford the finer quality, but fear having their treasures stolen or damaged when away from home.

Most import/price point guitars lack proper set up and intonation.  Others suffer from an improperly cut nut, inconsistent tuners, lack luster pickups, or poor quality electronic components. 

Whether you find yourself “stuck” with a starter priced instrument that no longer offers you the quality your skill level needs, or you’re looking to find and modify a gigging substitute for your prized u.s.a. axe, shoot me an email, set up a free evaluation, and let’s see what we can do.